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We are hopeful you and your family weathered Hurricane Irma fairly well. We know there will be much needed cleanup and/or repairs and are trusting you will remain safe.

The Early Learning Coalition offices will be open starting tomorrow, Wednesday, September 13. We fortunately have our power restored and phones and the network are up and running. We need to now assess the childcare situation in Sarasota County. We need to know
• if you are open,
• what days you were officially closed and
• if you have any capacity to care for children not routinely on your roster. These might be children of first responders, power company folks restoring the electricity or emergency management personnel. There may also be a need to serve some children who evacuated from other areas of the state and cannot yet return home.

You can simply send an e-mail with those answers if you have internet access or you can call 954-4830 extension 222 and leave a message. Staff will be calling those sites who we do not hear from by an e-mail sent to information@earlylearningcoalitionsarasota.org

We are aware that some childcare sites follow the Sarasota County School District closure schedule. If however, you feel comfortable opening (your site sustained no damage, your playground is debris free, you have the appropriate staffing etc.), you may re-open. A note from Jill Jacoby from DCF licensing however. If you lost power, you must call, text or e-mail Jill before you reopen.
• Call or text to 228-2146 (up until 8:00 tonight and then again starting tomorrow morning)
• E-mail jill.jacoby@flhealth.gov
Please remember the VPK guidance that was sent last week. A student is considered to have attended all VPK program hours offered during a temporary closure caused by emergency circumstances for a combined total of five (5) instructional days. If you are closed for more than the 5 instructional days, you will need to do a VPK calendar change through the OEL portal.

Also, it has been a pretty stressful week for all of us but remember, our children have experienced that same level of stress while maybe not fully understanding why and what exactly was going on. Stick to your routines as much as you can for your children. Keep familiar teachers in their classrooms, the same snacks they know and love and take time to do a little “Shake Your Wiggles Out” or “Tooty Ta”, get out the playdough and water table and snuggle up with a favorite book.

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