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Dear School Readiness Providers,

As we recently notified you, OEL has temporarily removed the Attendance feature of the OEL Portal while they are resolving a system issue associated with the recent implementation. The latest update that we have from OEL is that they are working diligently but it is not yet available. The ELC’s focus is making sure that you receive July payment at the regular time. Thus, at OEL’s direction, we are proceeding with an estimated payment for you based on your June attendance, accommodating for the number of service days in July. You do not need to enter or submit attendance at this time. Once the OEL Portal Attendance is available, you can enter and submit your attendance later this month and we will reconcile the difference between the estimated payment and the actual amount due. Please do not enter your attendance in OPS, it must be entered in OEL Provider Portal when it is available for you.

Thank you for your patience, and we look forward to working with the OEL Provider Portal new functionality. Once the initial transition processes smooth out, we anticipate that having the Family Portal and Provider Portal as part of the same system will provide for considerable time savings, ease of use, and better communication all around. We will send another communication as soon as we are notified that the Attendance Feature is available for you.

Thank you, ELC



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